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You’ve got a lot on your mind when you start a project. We’re here to offer the highest quality propane or natural gas installation and service.

Residential Customers

Builders | Homeowners | Architects | Designers
Jacobs Gas is focused on providing a complete assessment of your exterior/interior property functional gas requirements. Our primary objective is to deliver safe and expert quality LP/Natural Gas installations at a competitive price by coordinating a solid project plan with excellent communication for new residents or remodeled homes. From the initial fuel design plan through project completion, we take a true partner approach to ensure you can expect a successful outcome.

We are committed to meeting or exceeding Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services State and Local code & compliance leveraging NFPA 54 & 58 for interior and exterior gas installations. Inside or Outside – Underground or Above Ground Tanks, LP or Natural Gas – Cooktops/Ranges, Dryers, Fireplaces, Firepits, Firebowls, Torches, Grills, Tankless Water-Heaters, Generators, and Gas Lights/Sconces. Jacobs Gas is a fully authorized TECO/Peoples Gas Advantage Dealer providing full assistance with converting your home from LP to Natural Gas.

Community Associations

COAs | HOAs | Private Clubs | Property Managers
Jacobs Gas will provide all LP/Natural Gas fuel plan designs and specifications required to gain approvals for all gas-related projects in your community. We will help you facilitate the demand for servicing LP/Natural Gas associated appliances and ensuring optimal performance and safety of new or existing homes. Inside or Outside – LP Tanks, LP/Natural Gas – Commercial Kitchens, Grills, Fireplaces, Firepits, Firebowls, Torches, Tankless Water-Heaters, Generators, and Gas Lights/Sconces. Our goal is to help you achieve desired outcomes and provide turnkey solutions. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless transition to Natural Gas and ensuring your community’s homes are functioning properly and safely.

Commercial Properties

Restaurants | Food Trucks | Hotels | Recreation | Country Clubs
Jacobs Gas takes pride in establishing a true partner approach to designing innovative LP/Natural Gas fuel plans and developing highly efficient and safe LP/NG installations for commercial properties. Whether you have a small or large business, we can deliver LP/Natural fuel plans to meet your scope of work. We will meet or exceed all Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services State and Local code & compliance leveraging NFPA 54 & 58 for interior and exterior gas installations. We are focused on delivering a strong commitment to quality, responsiveness, clear communication to ensure the optimal functionality of any new or renovated commercial establishment. We have got you covered indoors and outdoors – Commercial Kitchens, Grill, Generators, Tankless Water Heaters, Fireplaces, Firepits, and Fire Torches.

Construction Companies

Fork Lifts | Equipment | Jobsites
We work with construction professionals to provide Propane and Natural gas solutions. If you need propane to power your construction equipment, we can deliver fuel to keep your project on track. Our commitment to quality service and responsiveness will ensure that you will never fun out of fuel on the job site.

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